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We develop people through customised programs, tailored to your organisations needs and values. Through targeted leadership and executive coaching programs, we identify interferences to individual and collective success and help develop the individuals, team and organisation define strategies and action plans for success – usually by shifting thinking and leadership behaviours. We work with you and your organisation to find a tailored program solution.

We offer you:

Group Coaching Program
Group Coaching Program

For Team Leaders

'The Transitioning Leader’ Group Coaching Program is designed to extend and enhance the executive’s leadership skills in order to help them become a more effective leader. The program will take participants on a 6 month journey comprising of three workshops – with an emphasis on self-awareness and discovery, in an experiential learning environment. The journey will be complemented by widely used leadership models, useful techniques and two phone discussions with an executive coach.

On the journey of becoming a more self-aware and effective leader through this program, participants can expect to:

  • Explore leadership and communication – current and desired future states
  • Experience the transformations that emerge in insightful group discussions and activities
  • Gain a better understanding of self and learn to recognise the characteristics that make an exceptional leader
  • Identify areas of natural strength and reveal potential blind spots
  • Explore tools and techniques to becoming a more self-aware, inspiring, engaging and influential leader
Executive’s emerge from the program highly engaged; with greater self-awareness; enhanced leadership, communication and influencing skills and practical coaching tools – maximising their capability to deliver exceptional results.

 360 Degree Feedback
360 Degree Feedback

For Employees

Our 360 Degree Feedback is designed specifically for employees, based on the performance requirements of their role, relevant self-awareness and working relationship effectiveness criteria.

Our unique 9 step solution offers the following key benefits:

  • The survey design is tailored (not an off the shelf ‘one size fits all’ generic survey) – to meet your organisational competency requirements and behavioural attributes
  • Comprehensive and unique reports – including quantitative and qualitative data
  • An accredited executive coach delivers the feedback report – to ensure constructive and accurate interpretation of the findings and provide professional one-to-one support
  • Our executive coach assists in generating a subsequent action plan – assisting the employee to identify the areas they should work on to improve their leadership skills and best leverage the feedback findings, gain further insights and to commit to their action plan
  • We co-ordinate and supervise the end-to-end process, including on-line survey set-up – enabling you to get on with running your business

Executive One-to-One Coaching
Executive One-to-One Coaching

For Executives

Our executive coaching program is a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership between coach, organisation and executive – where the end goal is to better equip the executive to lead more effectively and gain stronger sustainable outcomes. Programs are tailored based on organisational context and the business challenges the executive faces along with the outcomes they want to achieve. It is designed for leaders seeking to dramatically improve personal effectiveness and the performance of their team and organisation.

Transitional Executive have built an impressive track record coaching executives, directors and c-suite executives in a wide variety of sectors. Once a relationship based on trust and rapport is established, our executive coach challenges thinking and assumptions to support the executive in developing critical management and leadership skills and drive performance by assisting with the development of their goals and action plans. Our confidential, series of one-to-one sessions, underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques, have consistently shown to improve executive performance, focus and confidence.

Independent research has also supported the benefits of executive coaching. The Fortune 1000 US companies using executive coaching for senior executives reported that:

  • Return on investment (ROI) per executive was an average of USD100k — six times the cost of executive coaching over six to 12 months
  • 61% experienced higher job satisfaction
  • 44% developed greater commitment to the organisation
  • 28% improved quantifiable personal performance between USD500k and USD1m
  • Executive coaching programs have achieved between 500 - 700% return on investment

Source: Fortune Magazine & ICF research

The Fortune 1000 US companies using executive coaching for senior executives also reported:

  • 77% significantly better working relationships with direct reports
  • 71% enhanced working relationship with boss
  • 63% improved teamwork

Source: Fortune Magazine

Team Development
Team Development

For Teams

Our team development workshops are tailored to the needs of your business and are designed to improve performance of the team, enabling members to work together more effectively and cohesively. During these executive coach facilitated workshops, the team will discuss their current operating cultural environment and create an agreed way forward to become a more elite, aligned and high performing leadership team. The forum will allow for open and honest discussions around the team’s current state of play. Enhancing the sense of team, this day focuses on the values and vision needed to deliver the team’s strategy.

Our proven program will:

  • Establish an open, candid and interactive forum for team discussion and conversation
  • Explore individual and team values
  • Identify team strengths and opportunities
  • Culminate and gain commitment from the team of an agreed way forward

We have successfully developed over 1,000 executives to perform and work better at all levels within an organisation

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Our approach

Centred around your organisation

Our development program is tailored to your objectives, values and desired organisation behavioural attributes.


Modules are designed with a clear set of objectives and actionable outcomes to improve employee engagement and business performance.

Highly practical

Programs enable participants to implement the knowledge, skills and competencies immediately. The learning journey addresses individuals, teams and the organisation – to question the status quo, evaluate approach, strengthen working relationships and team collaboration.


Our “top-down” cultural change approach targets leaders then the organisation.

Very latest in thought leadership

Quality programs to develop knowledge in key business areas.


ROI measured by reduced attrition costs and higher scores in organisational employee satisfaction surveys.

We will take you on a 4-step journey

Step 1: Identify and analyse your organisation’s values and leadership development objectives.
Step 2: Transitional Executive leadership development program recommendations.
Step 3: Agreed program implementation.
Step 4: ROI – assessment and evaluation measure.